An evening at the Pragati Nagar Lake

At my recent walk, around the shores of the picturesque Pragathi Nagar Lake, I was expecting a dust-free, sweet smelling breeze and a beautiful view to look at. I had my pocket camera with me.

I thought to myself, why  I never notice this beautiful place around me and that I should loiter around here more often?

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Maybe I wasn’t looking around properly. A few years from now, this place had very few visitors and it was only on the occasion of Ganesh Visarjan should you see crowds dumping the idols of lord Ganesha. These days this is a hub for many who prefer to eat out in the evenings with their families. You get hot dosas, ice-creams, and a lot of fast food eateries.


This place is now an instant hit. On the other side of the road there are fruit and vegetable vendors, fishermen, cloth vendors etc. This certainly was a stretch that people used to fear crossing a few years ago.  Not anymore!

Certainly, this place has become more lively than ever. But at what cost?

Here are the actual pictures:

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Not to blame anyone. This is pure instinct. Everyone assumes to own the land that they live on. Some prefer to keep it clean while some think its not their duty. Yet when things get more dirty and stinky, everyone uses their handkerchief and stop breathing all the way until they cross this stretch. How bout the ones that live here?

Well, I had few photographs of birds to share.








I don’t have one to share from yesterday’s walk as there aren’t any living there right now. The other side of the lake is fenced and has minimum wastage dumped. I could spot a few birds that I saw for the first time. These images were clicked a couple of months back. Also did see a couple of flamingos fly above the lake during the same time. I doubt they’ll ever come back.

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Good news elsewhere! A diamond baron and a private airline owner, Laljibhai Tulsibai Patel took home Narendra Modi’s “Bandgala” suit at an auction whose proceeds went to the Namaami Gange Trust fund. He shelled out a whopping Rs 4,31,31,311. Hope the proceeds are used rightfully.