Hailing from the city of the Nizams, I shouldn’t have taken for granted about the lovely place that I live in. Charminar is a magical place and always inviting. I have lost count on the number of times I had visited this marvelous structure.

Reading newspaper is a regular chore of these men, who discuss politics and current affairs every morning at the Mecca Masjid.


The much talked about Charminar, getting a paint job and some restorations.


Street hawkers and the locals have a strange dialect, which is very close to Hindi and Urdu. The dialect is known for its stark sarcasm and many movies have tried to adapt it but failed miserably. However, some local movies have managed to maintain the subtlety and humor. (See: Angrez 2006)


Bird-feeding is an activity that draws the crowd to this holy place. Hundreds of pigeons flock around and a few regular visitors feed them on their hand. When asked about it, they responded that Pigeons are one of the most peaceful birds on earth. Feeding them brings peace upon us. And kids have a good time running around the flying birds. It is a sheer delight to watch.